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API documentation
This page provides various resources to help you use ImageNet.
Mapping between ImageNet and WordNet
ImageNet is based upon WordNet 3.0. To uniquely identify a synset, we use "WordNet ID" (wnid), which is a concatenation of POS ( i.e. part of speech ) and SYNSET OFFSET of WordNet. For more information, please refer to the WordNet documentation. ImageNet currently only considers nouns, so every wnid starts with "n". For example, the wnid of synset "dog, domestic dog, Canis familiaris" is "n02084071".
When you use the explorer to browse a synset, you can find the WordNet ID below the image window.Click Here to find out the wnid of "Dog, domestic dog, Canis familiaris".
Access synset pages
Given the wnid of a synset, its ImageNet page is at
Obtain the hyponym (children synset) of a synset
Given the wnid of a synset, the wnid of hyponym synsets can be obtained at
To obtain the full hyponym (the synset of the whole subtree starting from wnid), you can request
Obtain the words of a synset
Given the wnid of a synset, the words of the synset can be obtained at
You can also Click Here to download the mapping between WordNet ID and words for all synsets, Click Here to download the mapping between WordNet ID and glosses for all synsets.
Access the list of synsets available
You can use the following API to obtain a list of all synsets available
WordNet Hierarchy

The following file provides all "is-a" relations provided by WordNet 3.0. Each line is a parent-child pair.

Obtain the structure and release status of ImageNet

You can download the structure of current ImageNet release (the same structure as in Explore page) at


Please note that there are dummy nodes that do not belong to the WordNet V3.0 (e.g. the Misc node). The relations involving the dummy nodes also do not belong to the original WordNet.

You can download the release status of ImageNet at
These two XML files are the meta data of ImageNet and they will be updated.
Access image URLs by synset ID
Given the wnid of a synset, the URLs of its images can be obtained at
Access (image names, image URLs) mapping by synset ID
If you download the original images of a synset from a tar file, you may want to know the original image URLs given the image names. You can obtain the mapping between image names and image URLs through
Access images
Because the images may be subject to copyright, ImageNet does not make images in their original resolutions publicly available on our server. However, for non-commercial research and/or educational use, we may provide access through our site under certain conditions. More details are here.
Download Image Features
ImageNet allows users to download image features for free. Please refer to Download Features for more details.
Download Object Bounding Boxes
ImageNet allows users to download object bounding boxes for free. Please refer to Download Object Bounding Boxes for more details.